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100% Entertainment

Taiwanese entertainment show

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100% Entertainment
Also known as娛樂百分百
Yú Lè Bǎi Fèn Bǎi
Presented byShow Lo
Linda Chien [zh]
Wayne Huang
Kenny Khoo
Nine Chen [zh]
Country of originTaiwan
Original language(s)Mandarin
Taiwanese Hokkien
No. of episodes(list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Zhu Zhi Jie (祝志傑) (1997-2012)
Chen Meng Yue (陳盟岳) (2012-2015)
Li Jin Ling (李金玲)(2015-present)
Production location(s)Taipei, Taiwan
Running time60 minutes
Original networkGTV Variety Show
Original release5 May 1997 (1997-05-05) –
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100% Entertainment (Chinese: 娛樂百分百; pinyin: Yú Lè Bǎi Fèn Bǎi) is a Taiwanese entertainment news and variety show broadcast on GTV Variety Show. It is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 20:00 to 21:00 and repeats at 01:00, 06:00, 10:00 and 18:00 on the day after, with reviews on Saturdays. It is currently hosted by Show Lo, Linda Chien [zh], Wayne Huang, Kenny Khoo, Nine Chen [zh].[1] There are live broadcasts every Tuesdays and Wednesdays from the recording studio, on entertainment news, sometimes with guests in attendance; the other days are pre-recorded variety specials and Sundays are repeats or other shows. There are no airings of the show on January 1.

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Mondays to Fridays

  • First batch – 5 May 1997: Cai Rong Zu [zh]
  • Second batch – 13 October 1997:He Du Lin [zh]
  • Third batch – 16 March 1998:Da S and Xiao S
    • 2000: Da S and Xiao S on leave for one month – Blackie Chen and Aya Liu filled in as replacements
  • Fourth batch – August 2003:Da S, Xiao S and Blackie Chen (and Show Lo as locum)
  • Fifth batch – 2005:Da S, Xiao S, Show Lo (and Alien Huang as locum)
    • September 2005: Xiao S on maternity leave
    • November 2005: Da S resigned
    • 17 November 2005: Alien Huang filled in as replacement whilst Xiao S on maternity leave
    • April 2006: Xiao S came back from maternity leave but resigned in August 2006
  • Sixth batch – 17 September 2006: Show Lo, Alien Huang (and Linda Chien [zh] as locum)
  • Seventh batch – Show Lo, Alien Huang and Linda Chien
    • February 2011: Linda Chien becomes an official host and no longer a replacement.[2]
  • Eighth batch – 12 November 2012: Show Lo, Alien Huang and Linda Chien, with William Liao [zh] @ Lollipop F and Owodog @ Lollipop F as locum during Show & Alien's extended leave for their respective concert tours.
    • February 2013: Owodog and William become the official host and no longer are replacements
  • Ninth batch – 7 April 2015: Show Lo, Alien Huang and linda Chien, with William Liao @ Lollipop F. (and Shanny Tu (better known as Arnold), Awayne @ Lollipop F and Mini Cai as locum)
    • Owodog did not extend his contract, and reverted to being a locum.
    • Alien takes indefinite leave of at least 2 years as a host on 6 December 2015 to concentrate as a singer and actor, will return as a guest.
  • Tenth batch – Show Lo, Alien Huang and Linda Chien, with William Liao @ Lollipop F (with Wish & Masha of GTM [zh] and Chris Chiu @ JPM as locum and correspondent)
  • Eleventh batch – 10 April 2017 - Show Lo, Linda Chien, William Liao @ Lollipop F, Wish & Masha of GTM, and Chris Chiu @ JPM (all promoted from locum)
    • William takes indefinite leave as a host on 19 December 2017 (with his send-off episode aired on December 30, 2017) to concentrate as an actor, will return as a guest, the fact he was not on the nominated list for Golden Bell Awards twice also attributing to the decision.
  • Twelfth batch – 8 February 2018: Show Lo, Linda Chien, Chris Chiu, Wish & Masha @ GTM, Wayne Huang @ SpeXial (until September 2018 for military enlistment), Feng Tien [zh] (Win) @ SpeXial
    • Chris Chiu and Win were promoted from locum and outdoor correspondents.
    • Wish and Masha @ GTM left takes indefinite leave as host due to contract issues.
  • Thirteenth batch – 27 December 2018: Show Lo, Linda Chien, Chris Chiu, Feng Tien
    • Feng Tien left his host position for other work.
  • Fourteenth batch – 23 July 2019: Show Lo, Linda Chien, Chris Chiu
  • Fifteenth batch – 13 August 2019: Show Lo, Linda Chien, Chris Chiu, Wayne Huang (Yvonne Liang [zh], Sasa [zh] and Kenny Khoo as locum)
    • Kenny Khoo becomes an official host.
    • Chris Chiu left his position as host for personal development.
  • Sixteenth batch – March 2020: Show Lo, Linda Chien, Wayne Huang, Kenny Khoo, Nine Chen [zh]
    • Show Lo and Linda Chien takes leave due to breakout of negative news on their relationship.

Saturdays and Sundays

There are no more weekend hosts after the fourth batch, the Saturdays shows are pre-recorded, Sunday shows is a re-run of a previously pre-recorded episode.

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Broadcast information

  • Taiwan - GTV Variety Show: Everyday; 18:00 to 19:00 (repeats: 01:00, 06:00 and 10:00)

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