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syndic definition


This page has 3 definitions of syndic in English and French. Syndic is a noun. Examples of how to use syndic in a sentence are shown. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .

English syndic definition


Rembrandt, De Staalmeesters (The Sampling Officials) or De waardijns van het Amsterdamse lakenbereidersgilde (Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild, 1662),[n 1] which depicts officials of the Drapers’ Guild of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, elected to assess the quality of cloth offered by weavers for sale to guild members.

Borrowed from French syndic (delegated representative; a chief magistrate of Geneva; a censor; critic (obsolete)), from Late Latin syndicus (representative of a corporation or town, syndic), from Ancient Greek σύνδικος (súndikos, advocate of a defendant), from σῠν- (sun-, prefix meaning ‘together, with’) + δῐ́κη (díkē, law, order; right; judgment; justice; lawsuit; trial) (ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *deyḱ- (to point out)) + -ος (-os, suffix forming nouns).[1]



syndic (plural syndics)

  1. (government) A government official having different duties depending on the country; also, a magistrate, especially one of the Chief Magistrates of Geneva, Switzerland.
  2. (chiefly Britain) An agent of a corporation, or of any body of people engaged in a business enterprise; specifically, in the University of Cambridge, a member of the senate appointed to carry out specific duties.
    In France, syndics are appointed by the creditors of a bankrupt to manage the property.
    The University of Cambridge has syndics who are chosen from the senate to transact special business, such as the regulation of fees and the framing of laws.

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  1. ^ From the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


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French syndic definition


Learned borrowing from Late Latin syndicus (representative of a corporation or town, syndic), itself a borrowing from Ancient Greek σύνδικος (súndikos, advocate of a defendant).



syndic m (plural syndics, feminine syndique)

  1. syndic

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