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This page has 4 definitions of strictly in English. Strictly is an adverb. Examples of how to use strictly in a sentence are shown. Also define these 10 related words and terms: strict, limited, only, narrow, mathematics, every, member, set, interval, and function.



strict +‎ -ly



strictly (comparative strictlier or more strictly, superlative strictliest or most strictly)

  1. In a strict manner.
    He adhered strictly to the diet his doctor prescribed.
  2. In a limited manner; only
    • Limited definition
      simple past tense and past participle of limit
  3. In a narrow or limited sense.
    That term refers strictly to smaller birds.
  4. (mathematics) In a manner that applies to every member of a set or every interval of a function
    • Every definition
      All of a countable group (considered individually), without exception. (1 of 3 every definitions)

Derived terms