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sophistical definition


This page has two definitions of sophistical in English. Sophistical is an adjective. Also define these 3 related words and terms: sophist, sophistry, and fallacious.



From Latin sophisticus, from Ancient Greek σοφιστικός (sophistikós) +‎ -al: compare French sophistique.


sophistical (comparative more sophistical, superlative most sophistical)

  1. Pertaining to a sophist or sophistry.
  2. Fallacious, misleading or incorrect in logic or reasoning, especially intentionally.
    • 1841, Thomas Macaulay, Lord Byron and The Comic Dramatists of the Restoration
      This is, we believe, a fair summary of Mr. Lamb's doctrine. We are sure that we do not wish to represent him unfairly. [] But we must plainly say that his argument, though ingenious, is altogether sophistical.


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