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relaxed definition


This page has 6 definitions of relaxed in English. Relaxed is an adjective and verb. Examples of how to use relaxed in a sentence are shown. Also define these 15 related words and terms: physiology, slack, feeble, weak, soft, lenient, strict, lax, leisurely, physics, tension, equilibrium, muscle, tensed, and relax.



From relax +‎ -ed, originally after Latin relaxātus.



relaxed (comparative more relaxed, superlative most relaxed)

  1. (obsolete, physiology) Made slack or feeble; weak, soft. [from 15th c.]
    • 1790, James Boswell, in Danziger & Brady (eds.), Boswell: The Great Biographer, Yale 1989, p. 54:
      It was a very wet morning. I woke relaxed and melancholy as in the country, and walked about an hour under cover, in the middle of the town [] .
    • Physiology definition
      A branch of biology that deals with the functions and activities of life or of living matter (as organs, tissues, or cells) and of the physical and chemical phenomena involved. (1 of 2 physiology definitions)
  2. Made more lenient; less strict; lax. [from 17th c.]
    The relaxed rules were greatly tightened after the lawsuit.
    • 1898, Winston Churchill, chapter 8, in The Celebrity:
      I corralled the judge, and we started off across the fields, in no very mild state of fear of that gentleman's wife, whose vigilance was seldom relaxed.
  3. Free from tension or anxiety; at ease; leisurely. [from 18th c.]
    He's a relaxed kind of guy, he never lets himself get upset.
    • 2019, Li Huang; James Lambert, “Another Arrow for the Quiver: A New Methodology for Multilingual Researchers”, in Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, DOI:10.1080/01434632.2019.1596115, page 4:
      Students and faculty members lunch at the cafeteria and naturally communicate freely with one another in a relaxed and informal setting.
    • Leisurely definition
      Characterized by leisure; taking plenty of time; unhurried
  4. (chiefly physics) Without physical tension; in a state of equilibrium. [from 19th c.]
  5. (physiology) Of a muscle: soft, not tensed. [from 19th c.]
    • Tensed definition
      simple past tense and past participle of tense






  1. simple past tense and past participle of relax