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much as definition


This page has two definitions of much as in English. Much as is a conjunction. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .



From much (used to compare, demonstrate, or indicate the quantity of something) + as.



much as

  1. As much as; however much; although; even though.
    Synonyms: howbeit; see also Thesaurus:even though
    • 1837, Washington Irving, chapter XVI, in The Rocky Mountains: Or, Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures in the Far West; [], volume I, Philadelphia, Pa.: [Henry Charles] Carey, [Isaac] Lea, & Blanchard, OCLC 1256105404, page 168:
      The Blackfeet knew and marked him as he passed; their eyes glared with vindictive fury; he was within bowshot of their ambuscade; yet, much as they thirsted for his blood, they forbore to launch a shaft; sparing him for the moment, that he might lead them to their prey.
    • 1894 December – 1895 November, Thomas Hardy, chapter VI, in Jude the Obscure, 1st American edition, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers, publishers, [], published 1896, OCLC 3807889, part V (At Aldbrickham and Elswhere), page 360:
      And then bills were sent in, and the question arose, what could Jude do with his great-aunt's heavy old furniture if he left the town to travel he knew not whither? This, and the necessity of ready money, compelled him to decide on an auction, much as he would have preferred to keep the venerable goods.
    • 1927, M[ohandas] K[aramchand] Gandhi, “Child Marriage”, in Mahadev Desai, transl., The Story of My Experiments with Truth: Translated from the Original in Gujarati, volume I, Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Navajivan Press, OCLC 875661731, part I, page 26:
      Much as I wish that I had not to write this chapter, I know that I shall have to swallow many such bitter draughts in the course of this narrative. And I cannot do otherwise, if I claim to be a worshipper of Truth.
  2. Largely in the same way as.
    Synonym: like as


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