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moon pool


Define the English word moon pool below. Moon pool is a noun. Also define these 12 related words and terms: nautical, opening, base, hull, vessel, marine, drill, platform, use, lower, equipment, and sea.

See also: moonpool and moon-pool



A model of the Ceona Amazon, a construction and pipelaying marine vessel. The pipelaying equipment (in yellow) accesses the sea through a moon pool in the centre of the vessel.
A diving bell inside the moon pool of a diving support raft at the Solina Dam, Poland.

From moon +‎ pool, from the fact that, on some nights, moonlight can be seen reflected by the surface of the sea through the opening, making it resemble a swimming pool.[1][2]



moon pool (plural moon pools)

  1. (nautical, chiefly oil industry) An opening in the base of the hull of a vessel (especially a marine drilling platform), which is used for lowering equipment into the sea below.
    • Base definition
      Something from which other things extend; a foundation.
      1. A supporting, lower or bottom component of a structure or object.
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Alternative forms


  • wet porch



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