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freely definition


This page has 5 definitions of freely in English. Freely is an adjective and adverb. Examples of how to use freely in a sentence are shown. Also define these 8 related words and terms: free, frank, generous, noble, excellent, beautiful, lovely, and will.



Etymology 1

From Middle English frely, freelich, from Old English frēolīc (free, freeborn, glorious, stately, magnificent, noble, beautiful, charming), equivalent to free +‎ -ly. Compare Middle Low German vrilik, vrigelik (free), Middle High German vrīlich (free).

Alternative forms

  • frely (Scotland)


freely (comparative freelier or more freely, superlative freeliest or most freely)

  1. Free; frank.
  2. Generous; noble; excellent; beautiful; lovely.
    • Lovely definition
      Beautiful; charming; very pleasing in form, looks, tone, or manner. (1 of 4 lovely definitions)
Derived terms

Etymology 2

From Middle English frely, freliche, from Old English frēolīċe (freely, readily, as a festival), equivalent to free +‎ -ly. Compare Dutch vrijelijk (freely), German freilich (certainly, of course).


freely (comparative freelier or more freely, superlative freeliest or most freely)

  1. In a free manner.
    Wine was flowing freely.
  2. Without interference or restriction.
    talk freely
    • 1961 February, "Balmore", “Driving and firing modern French steam locomotives - Part One”, in Trains Illustrated, page 110:
      I found that the Chapelon steamed almost too freely, because on a strange locomotive and road one usually tends to overfire a little through a natural lack of confidence.
  3. Of one's own free will.
    I will freely help you.
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