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This page has 5 definitions of fidget in English. Fidget is a verb and noun. Also define these 10 related words and terms: wiggle, twitch, move, nervous, idly, uneasy, tweed, ulster, habitually, and fidgeter.



From fidge (to fidget) +‎ *-et (frequentative ending), possibly from Middle English *-ten, from Old English -ettan.



fidget (third-person singular simple present fidgets, present participle fidgeting or fidgetting, simple past and past participle fidgeted or fidgetted)

  1. (intransitive) To wiggle or twitch; to move the body, especially the fingers, around nervously or idly.
    • Wiggle definition
      To move with irregular, back and forward or side to side motions; To shake or jiggle.
    • Twitch definition
      A brief, small (sometimes involuntary) movement out of place and then back again; a spasm. (1 of 6 twitch definitions)
    • Idly definition
      Without specific purpose, intent or effort. (1 of 2 idly definitions)
  2. (transitive) To cause to fidget; to make uneasy.
    • Ulster definition
      A long, loose overcoat made of wool or other rough material, often called a greatcoat, which sometimes features an attached shoulder cape covering the back and sleeves, and which can sometimes be buttoned in front.

Derived terms



fidget (plural fidgets)

  1. A nervous wriggling or twitching motion.
  2. (informal) A person who fidgets, especially habitually.
    Synonym: fidgeter
    • Fidgeter definition
      One who fidgets, especially habitually.
  3. A toy intended to be fidgeted with.

Derived terms