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dairy definition


This page has 10 definitions of dairy in English. Dairy is a noun and adjective. Examples of how to use dairy in a sentence are shown. Also define these 13 related words and terms: farm, milk, butter, cheese, dairy farm, milkhouse, corner store, superette, minimart, breast, processing, industries, and ice cream.



Origin 1250–1300 (Middle English daierie and other forms), from dey (dairymaid) + -ery.



dairy (plural dairies)

  1. A place, often on a farm, where milk is processed and turned into products such as butter and cheese.
    Go and fetch the butter from the dairy.
  2. A dairy farm.
  3. A shop selling dairy products.
    Can you go and buy some yoghurt and blue cheese from the dairy?
    Synonym: milkhouse
    Synonym: milkery (rare)
    • Milkhouse definition
      A building (or portion thereof) on a dairy farm where milk is collected, cooled, and stored temporarily, pending sale and shipment. (1 of 2 milkhouse definitions)
  4. (New Zealand) A corner store, superette or minimart.
  5. (slang, vulgar, chiefly in the plural) A woman's breast.
    • 2011, Kate Moore, To Seduce an Angel
      Her dairies as Wallop had called them were on display, or at least as much of them as she and Ruth could not contrive to cover.

dairy (uncountable)

  1. (also dairy products or dairy produce) Products produced from milk.

Derived terms



dairy (not comparable)

  1. Referring to products produced from milk.
    1. (specifically) Referring to products produced from animal milk as opposed to non-milk substitutes.
      Is this milk dairy or soy?
  2. Referring to the milk production and processing industries.
  3. (Britain) On food labelling, containing fats only from dairy sources (e.g. dairy ice cream).



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