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chromatin definition


Define the English word chromatin below. Chromatin is a noun. Also define these 10 related words and terms: biology, complex, DNA, RNA, protein, cell, nucleus, chromosome, condense, and cell division.

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Borrowed from German Chromatin, from (combining form of) Ancient Greek χρῶμα (khrôma, colour) + -in.



chromatin (plural chromatins)

  1. (biology) A complex of DNA, RNA and proteins within the cell nucleus out of which chromosomes condense during cell division.
    • Nucleus definition
      The core, central part of something, around which other elements are assembled. (1 of 6 nucleus definitions)
    • Chromosome definition
      A linear arrangement of condensed DNA and associated proteins (such as chaperone proteins) which contains the genetic material (genome) of an organism.
    • Cell Division definition
      a process by which a cell divides into two cells

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