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Venice definition


This page has 4 definitions of Venice in English and Middle English. Venice is a proper noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .

English Venice definition


From Middle English Venyse, from Old French Venise or Old Italian, from Medieval Latin Venetia, from Latin Veneti, an ancient (possibly Illyrian) tribe.


Proper noun

Venice (plural Venices)

  1. A maritime city and associated province of Veneto, Italy.
    • 2010, Graham Holderness, Shakespeare and Venice, →ISBN, page 141:
      As I indicated at the outset, for us Shakespeare's Venetian plays lie between the early modern republic described in Chapter 2, and all the subsequent Venices of our experience, education and imagination, []
  2. The historical maritime empire of Venice.
  3. A neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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Middle English Venice definition

Proper noun


  1. Alternative form of Venyse