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Italy definition


This page has two definitions of Italy in English. Italy is a proper noun. Also define these 0 related words and terms: .


Map of Italy.


From Middle English Italy, Italie, from Old English Italia (Italy), from Latin Italia (Italy), via Ancient Greek Ῑ̓ταλίᾱ (Ītalíā), from Oscan 𐌅𐌝𐌕𐌄𐌋𐌉𐌞 (víteliú). Usually explained as a cognate of vitulus (calf), thus meaning "land of young bulls" in Oscan. In that case, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *wet- (year). According to some ancient Greek authors, named after a king Italus or Italos, whose kingdom was on the peninsula.


Proper noun


  1. A country in southern Europe. Official name: Italian Republic.
    • 1868, E. S. G. S., Italy and her capital, page 170:
      Rome is the heart of Italy [...]. She was, is, and must ever be, her capital.
    • 19th century, Thomas Hodgkin, Italy and her invaders, title:
      Italy and her invaders
  2. Synonym of Apennine Peninsula

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