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Corpus Christi definition


This page has two definitions of Corpus Christi in English. Corpus Christi is a proper noun. Also define these 8 related words and terms: Christianity, feast day, Eucharist, Thursday, Trinity Sunday, county seat, Nueces County, and Texas.



From Latin, meaning “body of Christ”.

Proper noun

Corpus Christi

  1. (Christianity) A feast day in honor of the Eucharist, observed by Roman Catholics and high-church Anglicans on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday.
    • Thursday definition
      The fifth day of the week in many religious traditions, and the fourth day of the week in systems using the ISO 8601 norm; it follows Wednesday and precedes Friday.
    • Trinity Sunday definition
      The Sunday after Whitsunday/Pentecost in the Western Christian tradition (or the Sunday of Pentecost in the Eastern Christian tradition), observed as a liturgical feast in honor of the Holy Trinity.
  2. A coastal city, the county seat of Nueces County, Texas.
    • County Seat definition
      The city in which the offices of county government are located.