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Ancient Greece definition


This page has two definitions of Ancient Greece in English. Ancient Greece is a proper noun. Also define these 19 related words and terms: Greek, Hellenic, Cyprus, Aegean, Ionia, Magna Graecia, Albania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Libya, France, Spain, Catalonia, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, Mediterranean Sea, Minoan, and Mycenaean.


Proper noun

Ancient Greece

  1. The Greek speaking world in ancient times, geographically referring not only to modern Greece and southern Balkan peninsula but also to areas of Hellenic culture that were settled during ancient times by Greeks: Cyprus, the Aegean coast of Ionia, southern Italian peninsula and Sicily (known as Magna Graecia) and the scattered Greek settlements on the coasts of what are now Albania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Libya, southern France, southern Spain, Catalonia, Georgia, Romania, and Ukraine.
    • Magna Graecia definition
      The coastal parts of Sicily and southern Italy once colonized by Greek settlers
  2. The civilization that flourished around the Mediterranean Sea from the 3rd millennium to the 1st century BCE (including the first two European civilizations, Minoan and Mycenaean), known as the cradle of Western civilization.

Coordinate terms